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Can you dream? - The People - 08-29-2018

There is a man on America's Got Talent. He and his wife had one daughter and were advised not to have more kids. As the daughter got older she kept telling her parents that she had a dream where they adopted 3 brothers.

They did decide to foster/adopt. One night a social worker showed up at their door with 3 little boys. Beautiful boys. Frightened boys. Then they took in a little boy who had been living on the streets. The youngest is in a wheelchair and they warned the family that the child would never communicate (CP I think)

The Dad sings. He is not the best singer on the show but not everybody can be the best. He is doing it to show his kids that you can follow your dream.

He said that when these first kids arrived they didn't know how to dream. They were too afraid and they were just trying to survive.

The last time I remember having a dream was in grade 4 when I wanted to be "an author". After that I stopped dreaming for a long, long time.

Therapists and psychiatrists and nurses used to nag at me. "What sort of work do you want to do?" I had no answer. So I didn't speak. It wasn't until I moved here and had worked through a lot of things that I started to write again. Went back to that dream I'd had since grade 4.

How does this fit for others?

RE: Can you dream? - mosaic - 08-29-2018

as a child my "dream" was to be an actress. i wanted to win acting awards. i even majored in theater when i first went to college.

then i got married and had kids, and put that dream aside. i did act in community theater productions, but the dream of professional acting was a no go. then during one production i got the distinct feeling that it would be my last. it was like the dream no longer applied.

it was a few months later that i realized i had developed a new dream of being a T. it happened while i was working with one of the better t's (i've had 7 t's over the years).

so i guess dreams can possibly change. like you, i had to work through a lot of stuff before being able to focus on doing the work that was required to become a t.

RE: Can you dream? - Collectively US - 09-20-2018

I had so many dreams growing up and in a way I still do...i dream of my ministry and what it will look like and so on...i dream of becoming a LCSW someday and go back to yeah I still dream even if I lose sight of it

RE: Can you dream? - The People - 09-21-2018

That is what I mean Collectively Us. I know that, for us, we just faked dreaming. We only went to university because a lot of our friends were doing post secondary of some sort. Thank God for that.