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So stressed - The People - 08-12-2018

I am so stressed. This idea of moving again. I have made so many bad choices but with not having a car this is not a safe neighbourhood coming home at night. Last night an old lady was sitting in front of a hotel when I got off the bus. She wanted me to help her go to the bathroom. I suggested that she go home. She said she couldn't and just wanted to go at the side of the building. I wasn't her person. I hate moving. I was hoping my friends would invite me to come home with them. It didn't work last time though. I am just so isolated here.

RE: So stressed - mosaic - 08-13-2018

so sorry you are facing this stress. we are hoping something will become available to you that meets your needs. we're pulling for you and sending positive energy your way. and hope it won't be offensive if we pray for you.

RE: So stressed - The People - 08-15-2018

We started on the application. The printer is all messed up as is so much else. Especially my head.

RE: So stressed - Collectively US - 08-19-2018

Sorry people that your going through this...i really wish and hope the best for you. Hugs