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Newbie Here with DID - Conundrum - 07-03-2018

Hello Everyone,

We are here because we have been told this is a great community where you get a great deal of support. We are eight years into therapy but have recently (in the last two years) moved to a new therapist after we had problems our first therapist was not qualified to handle. We are trying to understand the ins and outs of DID and how to master our lives. We have a great deal of conflict recently and need assistance from those who have experience. We will be asking many questions but also hope we can offer the support and answers we expect to receive. Thank you, whoever created this community. You have done a good service for those of us dealing with the intricacies of DID. Thank you!

RE: Newbie Here with DID - mosaic - 07-04-2018

welcome to mosaic minds! we're glad to meet you. your account has been activated so you should be able to post on the various forums on main street. we hope to see you around.

RE: Newbie Here with DID - The People - 07-07-2018

Welcome, Conundrum.So happy to meet you! And that somebody referred you to us.We are always happy to meet newcomers. We don't have all of the answers. However, I have worked out a lot of issues on this site and its predecessors for about a decade and a half. No question is stupid, someone else has probably asked it before. We usually recommend that people read a bit before posting. Again, so glad someone referred you here. Keep coming back!

RE: Newbie Here with DID - Collectively US - 07-16-2018

Welcome Conundrum to the community. I am new here as well, I found this place through a source book for D.I.D, I am glad to have a place like this for all of us that have D.I.D. I have received much support from here since ive joined...good people here for sure. So again Welcome