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New puppy ABBY - Cammy - 06-21-2018

Here's ABBY:

RE: New puppy ABBY - The People - 06-22-2018

wel i ges this not inaproptrit but youmakin us jelis cose we wana dogge. we ned to win the lotery so me an two get one. middle sized tho this a nise kind. scotie dogge. youget him a plad bow tie? you very much luky!

peak an two there here.

RE: New puppy ABBY - Cammy - 06-23-2018

Aw, thank you peak and two for liking my puppy. She's very cute, but very, very, very naughty. I know she would like you very much and give you gentle little puppy kisses.

RE: New puppy ABBY - earthandskyfolks - 11-05-2018

(06-21-2018, 08:00 PM)Cammy Wrote: Here's ABBY:

What a very cute! puppy!
We love puppies.
We are new here

earthandskyfolks ?

RE: New puppy ABBY - The People - 11-07-2018

are katy kity also noty here.