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Reaching out - Collectively US - 05-17-2018

Hey everyone, th is is my first post outside the intro and it's a hefty one. We are currently in an unsafe environment, mind it's not always unsafe but my Alters, are either scared or mad at my husband. They are pressuring me to leave him and if I don't leave then they will take over and put me away for a while. Also I'm being pushed by my mother to leave as well. The hard part is not wanting to leave because I hope that it gets better, but knowing that it maybe what I have to do. It's been hard talking to others in my life about my situation, we get all panicky inside and outside. I wish it was just so simple but it's not. I've been switching a lot and I've been getting journal entries from them some are down right mad and yelling at me and others her and plead with me...well I don't know what to say other then we are very conflicted or maybe I am the one more conflicted then they are.

RE: Reaching out - nats - 05-18-2018

hi Collectively Us, welcome to MM. what are the reasons they are telling you to leave, if you want to say? some husbands should be left, while others are good..

RE: Reaching out - The People - 05-18-2018

Hi Collectively Us. Sorry you are going through this. Agree with Nats. Some should be left, others never change. Isthereafriendorsomeone you rely on the be honest with you? Who you trust to be honest with you? Do you have a T?And the biggest question: Are you safe if you stay? It is a difficult decision for anybody. I know people who have been through this. If you left where would you go?

RE: Reaching out - Collectively US - 05-19-2018

We are leaving cause it's not safe anymore. They are angry or scared because he broke promises to us about never hurting us, that he would protect us, and not makes us do things we didn't want to do. So Sunday night I'm being picked up while he is at work and brought to a safe house. Until then it's being safe and getting things packed.i feel like I'm being bad for leaving but I know it's the right thing to do. Thank you for being there.

RE: Reaching out - The People - 05-21-2018

Collectively Us,the choice you made to put your needs first is difficult but necessary. You are worth it! I wish you well! Please come back to let us know that you made it out safely. Best wishes.

RE: Reaching out - just peachy - 05-21-2018

hi collectively us I agree with what the people said is never easy to make a decision about your safety and well being ...of course your not going to feel good about leaving ...cuz initially y ou were trained to stay for all his needs and you are so used to brushing aside your own needs people said please come back to the group to let us know that you are safe and it went ok. peace and blessings just peachy

RE: Reaching out - Shadows - 05-21-2018

It sounds like leaving is a good idea. Of course it is hard, though. I think that change is hard ... and for those of us who struggle just to maintain homeostasis among ourselves, I think that change is extra scary.

Sending you lots of good vibes.

RE: Reaching out - mosaic - 05-22-2018

please stay in touch and let us know how you fare. you did a very courageous thing.

RE: Reaching out - nats - 05-25-2018

sounds like leaving is the right choice, though it may feel hard especially at first. if you can, please let us know how you get on.

RE: Reaching out - Collectively US - 05-29-2018

Hello all I'm ok and safe it has been difficult since we left. We've been switching and so on, we are in a safe place. There has been some inner conflict and confusion and fear..i want to thank you for helping us being here for us.sorry it took us time to come back here.

RE: Reaching out - The People - 05-30-2018

I think it would be expected that one would be scared, multie or not. I am glad you are in a safe place as is everyone here I am sure. You deserve to be safe, Make a mantra something like that so you remember to keep yourself safe!

RE: Reaching out - just peachy - 05-30-2018

hi collectively us be good to yourself no matter what we will be here for y ou always write in when you need to we are here for you us so very glad and very relieved to hear you are safe ...just peachy

RE: Reaching out - mosaic - 05-30-2018

collectively us, we are glad to know you are safe. it is scary stepping out into the unknown, for sure. we hope you can check in often, and that we can get to know you and lend you support when needed.

RE: Reaching out - Collectively US - 05-31-2018

Thank you all so much for caring, it is great to know were not alone. Things are just a bit crazy and I do look forward to getting to know you all. I'm sorry my first post was so heavy, thank you for being there.

RE: Reaching out - The People - 06-01-2018

Glad we were here and I hope you come back.