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Hello everyone - Collectively US - 05-13-2018

Hello everyone we are new to this community, we are glad to be here. This is our second community our old one no longer exists, so we have been searching for a new one ever since. So far there is 8 of us. Our names are Cassidy, Paul, Angel, Samantha, Sam, Brad, Paul, Q and, a new one. Again we are happy to be here and look forward to getting to know you. Have a good day.

RE: Hello everyone - mosaic - 05-14-2018

hello! welcome to mosaic minds. we look forward to getting to know you.

RE: Hello everyone - just peachy - 05-14-2018

hi collectively us its nice to have a new person join us at mm ...were happy you are here with us..jump tn on the conversation anytime you want ,,just peachy

RE: Hello everyone - The People - 05-15-2018

Hello! Nice to see a new name! This is a wonderful place that everyone works to keep safe. If you have a question, just ask as chances are that someone else has asked it in the past.

RE: Hello everyone - Collectively US - 05-15-2018

Thank you all very much for the warm welcome, I did mess with the names and had not realized it. The 2nd Paul is wrong I have one with no name as of yet and we call him hoodie because it's what he wears. Again Thank you very much for the welcome, excited to be here

RE: Hello everyone - Shadows - 05-16-2018

Hi Collectively US. I hope that you find this place helpful. We have been around here for about a year, with some time off doing we don't even know what. But when we are here we find it super helpful and hope that you will too.

RE: Hello everyone - The People - 05-16-2018

That hoodie a tene probly there. areteen of KA like them hoodies.