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Don't know what came over us. - The People - 05-03-2018

A few hours ago we were puttering around. restless as we hadn't been out of the house today. Suddenly Two found a moving bin with stuff in it belonging to the littles. She made a card to send to our friend and then put the crayons etc in a container.

Suddenly someone else went into action. We have a small table for 2 in the kitchen/dining area.friends brought it in... almost 2 years ago. It has sat there collecting dust and junk. We even bought a tablecloth which was still in the plastic. It is now on the table with placemats on top of it. It looks pretty! It needed a tablecloth as it sat on a patio over a winter and the fake wood warped a bit.

The plastic is in the recycling. Of course, there is more to do but I also got rid of some too old to be useful books.

And then I took a sweatshirt that was lying on the floor and wiped up the water from the cup I knocked over. At least it missed the computer by a few inches.

RE: Don't know what came over us. - mosaic - 05-03-2018

what a burst of activity and how lovely that it resulted in your table looking pretty. i wish i had someone inside who loved to do that sort of thing. my house looks like a tornado ran through it most of the time.