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Alienists - The People - 04-20-2018

I just started watching a new Netflix series. It takes place...a few centuries ago. I just learned that people who studied those with Mental Illness were called Alienists. I don't know yet if they are like the people on Criminal Minds or PDocs. I have known more than a few PDocs and therapists that I would call Alienists as they tended to alienate their clients.

RE: Alienists - mosaic - 04-20-2018

i read the book the series is based on several years ago. they were called alienists because mental illness seemed so alien a concept and those with mental illness behaved in ways that seemed alien to others.

if i remember the book correctly, it's more like criminal minds - the main character is more a forensic "alienist" than a clinical one.

RE: Alienists - The People - 04-20-2018

Yes, that was my sense of things. As with CM it is too weird to watch.

RE: Alienists - just peachy - 04-22-2018

hi everyone out there , I was listening to Christian radio I couldn't believe my .ears what I was hearing and wanted some input on it .. this is all true ..this guy who produced the movie exorcisist 34 yrs ago did documentary in april 2018 on exorcisim of a woman who was possessed .this priest who is catholic got permission for this producer alone only to film this woman being cured by this priest taking out the demons from this woman .supposedly from this producer who says he is catholic says he alone taped it and it is coming on video april 24 2018 apparently the priest said this woman told the priest what his sins were that he committed he said she was correct .what she said about him .this producer interviewed psychdrs and one said that after seeing the movie he produced that there is these new diagnosis in the dsm4 that there is people with dissociative identity disorder with d emon possession in them ,,this psych dr said there are people with did who believe .t.hey are demon possessed and that the dr now believes it and it is in the dsm4 .... I am now trying to believe who is nuttier the psychdr for believing this or the nutty did patient who told him this what do you fellow did people think of this take on this is that the psych dr doesn'tbeleive demon possession to be true until he saw this documentary , sounds like this dr is trying to pass off demon possession off on us people with did loke were some kind of crazy what do you did people think of this peace and blessing jp

RE: Alienists - just peachy - 04-22-2018

why do people drs and others say these things like were crazy and have no sense of balance or reality I think these people on tv that have did want attention from the media .I also wanted to add that I was watching shows on oprah of did people and where theese people do it for the money also ...the way they act doesn't seem real compaed to how you people act and talk here seems way more authebtic this is just my thoughts on the matter just peachy

RE: Alienists - The People - 04-23-2018

There will always be those who presume that people are 'possessed' due to everything from DID to epilepsy. There are those who have been accused of not earning God's forgiveness when prayer doesn't heal them.

And DSM 4 is the older book.

RE: Alienists - nats - 04-26-2018

and didn't Freud think women were fantasising when they talked about CSA? people in authority say whatever they like...

RE: Alienists - just peachy - 04-28-2018

hi nats and people what is csa what does that stand for .people I found that odd that the producer was quoting from and old version when he said the dsm 4 as usual he is spouting off about something he doesn't know about ..I probably shouldn't get so upset but it just irks me that these people in the media on the radio dramatize everything to sound so intriguing and mysterious ..I wish they would start saying some of the good things about the people who have did there are some good qualities about us ..that no one ever talks about

RE: Alienists - nats - 05-03-2018

one day we want to write a book about all the good things about DID and talk about the perfectly normal seeming and highly functional multiples. scrolling for sensitive answer to your question
csa = child sexual abuse

RE: Alienists - Collectively US - 05-18-2018

I wanted to put my 2 cents in on this subject. DID demon possessions are different all together, and I hate when people say I am possessed as I am not. However I have been demon possessed and I have DID and guess what all demons are gone and have been for years but my people as I like to call my alters are still very much with me to this day. I too hate they way Hollywood looks at DID and try to make it something it is not, because they only have a basic knowledge have it and guess on the rest. Well that's what I have to say. I hope your all well.

RE: Alienists - The People - 05-18-2018

Just Peachy, due to the topic of your response to my thread I think you should have started a new thread and markedoitasIdidwith this one.

RE: Alienists - Collectively US - 05-19-2018

Oh sorry yeah I forgot to mark it, if it needs to be removed then by all means go ahead....

RE: Alienists - just peachy - 05-19-2018

hi the people ,I am confused about your post you typed on may 19 today .. addressed to me just peachy ..were you referring to collectively us and the response she wrote to your post on this ..and you put the wrong name by mistake in the post ..I was wondering cuz collectively us wrote a response to your post ..I wasn't sure about the post ,and I wanted to correct myself if I wrote some thing triggering in the post ..thanks peace and blessings just peachy ...

RE: Alienists - nats - 05-25-2018

hi jp, it looks like People were talking to Collectively and not to you guys.

RE: Alienists - The People - 05-30-2018

Nats I think Freud knew the real story. However, according to script, his cohorts in stupidity told him that nobody would believe him. So he changed his story. Sick. That is why so many survivors hate him.