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A Book We Read - The People - 04-19-2018

My sister sent us a book at last holiday. It is called 'Educated' by Tata Westfield. It is the true story of a woman whose father was mentally ill and received a lot of messages from God. As I result the kids were listed as homeschooled where in reality they weren't schooled at all.

With encouragement from her older brother, Tara worked on her own to go from being uneducated, especially in Math, to getting into university. Her journey through school is fascinating. It was going up and her relationship with her family became confusing. Especially her father's messages.

I will warn you that, while I really enjoyed most of it, there were parts that were triggering. The good news is that there was no SA. Lots of physical. That includes not getting medical help when it was needed. Sorry to spoil it a bit but I wouldn't want to place a recommendation here if there is a chance that people find it to be triggering.

If anyone else read, decides to read it I would like to discuss some commonalities b/t many of our stories and Tara's.

BTW, while Tara is claimed to be Mormon she assures readers that the book is not about the Mormon church.