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Good definition of depression - The People - 04-12-2018

I just watched a silly daytime talk show which I have been doing too much of lately. However, today someone read off a definition of depression of depression that I really like and may steal it for my book:

Depression is like a filter. Only the negative feelings get through. The positive emotions are blocked.

It really fits. Last night I was having a social coffee with a group of people I meet with on occasion. One of the women - one of these know it alls - said that people can get out of depression just by having something to focus on. She kept it up until I told her that I was getting angry. She knows that I worked with people who have depression but not about any of my own issues. People like that make me nuts.

RE: Good definition of depression - mosaic - 04-13-2018

yes those kinds of know-it-alls really can be annoying. i like that definition much more than the old "depression is anger turned inward" (i had a cousin declare that one at me)

RE: Good definition of depression - The People - 04-14-2018

Oh, I forgot that one! Everybody has their own opinion, especially those who have not experienced it.