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More health issues. - The People - 02-21-2018

I got some test results from my doctor yesterday. 2 issues. 1 is a polyp on my gallbladder which appears to be non -C. I have had these in other places so don't get too stressed about this.

The other is of more concern. I have some scar tissue on a kidney.Just 1 and people can live with 1. I just don't know how long it has been there or what caused it. There is no way of telling.I Googled it of course. Could have been from Strep. When I was a teenager I got very very sick but was never taken to a doctor. I was too sick to say that I needed to see one and still at an age when my parents made those calls.

Or perhaps it was some major PA that I received from the female PU. At 17. Who knows. Will spare you the details. Or perhaps even the meds that I have had to take for the better part of 30 years. Also as a result of my effing FOO.

Doctor never mentioned any changed in lifestyle so I won't make any. I am just angry. Didn't need this right now. Dark time, T had to cancel, sister won't stop babbling about family issues and in February hatred of them rises to the surface.