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Jealousy sp mentioned - The People - 02-15-2018

Years ago I sent some sp for my older sister and she then managed to do a post-grad degree completely on bursaries. 2 years.Took me an extra 3 years to pay off my student loan. Wow that prayer must have been powerful. She also did her 1st degree on bursaries based on her disability. Same one as me although I have more altars than she does.

Last week she told me that a friend paid off her credit card. I had to declare bankruptcy. Yesterday friends offered to buy a ticket for me so I could go and visit her. Only it wouldn't be free. The money would come from pet sitting that I do for them. I explained that I needed the money more than I needed the trip.My car needs maintenance work and I need new glasses. In reality, it would be nice to meet up with my sister and spend the day. But I don't feel love for her like monominds feel for their sister. Plus it leaves me feeling ripped off.

Does sibling rivalry ever end? Do I ever get past resenting other people wh0o make a better deal for themselves than me?

RE: Jealousy sp mentioned - nats - 02-15-2018

jealousy may not end, but pragmatically speaking, if they aren't willing to spend the money and effort to come see us, why should we spend it to see them? if these family bonds mean anything they would go both ways...

RE: Jealousy sp mentioned - The People - 02-15-2018

Thanks Nats, Frankly I don't want her to visit. I would rather go and see her as I can go off on my own when I need space. The issue is how she always gets looked after while my *ss is dragging through life. She is looked after while I am offered money but would have to earn it.

Life isn't fair. M.Scott Peck once stated that, once we accept that life gets better. Peck lied. I have always known that life isn't fair. And it doesn't get any better.

RE: Jealousy sp mentioned - nats - 02-17-2018

my bro is same. always handed everything he never bothered to work for and seems to feel entitled to it. assumed it was b/c he is a boy and was wanted.

no, life isn't fair. maybe what peck meant was that accepting it isn't fair means that you won't be additionally hurt by the assumption that it should be, i.e. it could be even worse.

RE: Jealousy sp mentioned - just peachy - 03-08-2018

hi nats so true they siblings aren't willing at all to come see us cuz that would cost them money and time and so therefore that would mean there is nothing in it for them .. so there thinking is why would we do that .?well at least that has been my experience in life with them. (the siblings ) my twin sisters came for visits in the past summers to visit our families ..yes this is a true story my aunt and I lived in this big housing complex ,the same property but on different sides of this big was about 5 blocks from my parents house a 20 min walk .and my twin sisters came to visit my aunt for an hour and half .then walked up a 5 min walk to my house , rang the bell and came in s tood standing for 5 min saying hi to me then said we have to go home , we were just at aunts house 1 and half hours ..hadn't seen them in years , this was my welcome .then all my sisters and nieces went to see American idol locally together didn't invite me ..there answer to me after I found out they went without me was you don't like American idol and there wasn't any room for you in the car ,and we would have to take two cars to go see the show ,and we didn't want to do that . so the end result I take from all this is when I start to feel bad for cutting ties from them for good ..I think of all the selfish uncharitable things they have done to me ,and kept on doing to me until I cut all ties with them .and at least now I can say it still hurts but at least I don't have to deal with there phony unkind behaviors and put on any false bravado behaviors from them .

RE: Jealousy sp mentioned - just peachy - 03-08-2018

hi the people I feel the same sentiments as you about families. in answer to your question about sibling rivalry ,no I honestly think it stays the same forever cuz there not willing to bend ,or change any qualities about themselves ... they would prefer you and I to do all the bending and changing ..and as for me I feel like a pretzel from all these years of changing and bending to be what they like me to be . been there done that and don't want to play this game anymore least this has been my experience .. just peachy