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Ringing in ears - The People - 02-01-2018

Did anyone here get a lot of ringing in their ears before proper dx? My T at the time said it was commonplace with us folk. Nobody knew what caused it. Mine came and went quickly.

Only now it is like they are picking up a radio signal or something. Possibly allergies as I cannot remember the last time I vacuumed or dusted. God, I hope I don't get sick. Like SS I want attention yet I don't want people dropping by.

RE: Ringing in ears - nats - 02-01-2018

interesting. did T say why it was commonplace? not something we've had but runs in the family. sorry it's come back again for yous.

RE: Ringing in ears - The People - 02-01-2018

Yes, she said it was common with DID. Nobody knew why. Mine is gone again today. Thank goodness.

RE: Ringing in ears - phoenix22 - 09-11-2019

Know I'm late to this thread but just wanted to post that I too had ringing in ears.

RE: Ringing in ears - Chimera - 10-20-2019

Weird. I get that regularly, too. No idea why. Glad to know it seems to be common.