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I'm bak again - Jules1965 - 01-28-2018

Hi I wud lik to tell evrewon I am vere happy we are bak here it has bin a long time sins I was here I herd my fren pirate no longer heer I'm kina sad bowt dat ar ther enee kids arown eneemor I wud lik to one if tha r I like to play videeo games an I like to coler I watsh cook shos on TV to but I don't hav vere mene friends enebode want be me fren

Kk bye

RE: I'm bak again - nats - 01-29-2018

hi Becca,
we're all sad too that Pirate and family aren't around anymore. there aren't as many kids here since Pirate left, but you can still meet some on the playground forum if you want.

RE: I'm bak again - Jules1965 - 01-31-2018

Ok fren I will sur go to plagrown an see if ter be som kids arown tanks vere mush! ?