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Hi! - Jules1965 - 01-25-2018

My name is Jules. I used to come here a long time ago. Some of you might remember my gang. Becca, maddie, and Jenny and Poe and Mel. Maybe you don't. Either way that's okay. I'm glad to be here and hope to get the chance to get to some of you guys. Becca would like to say hi to Pirate if Pirate is still around. They used to be buds.

Hope ya all have a decent night!


RE: Hi! - The People - 01-26-2018

this of two of the people. sadly pirate frend dont come any more time. not ocean frend either. pak my sister frend. she dontcom much but we all from the people. i think we amemberyou there. hi fromus.

RE: Hi! - nats - 01-26-2018

hi Jules, welcome back and great to see you!

RE: Hi! - mosaic - 01-26-2018

hi Jules, welcome back. i activated your account so you can post on the other boards. hope to see you around.

RE: Hi! - Silent Society - 01-26-2018

Welcome! Nice to see you.

RE: Hi! - just peachy - 01-27-2018

hi jules welcome back nice to see a new person in the group .just peachy

RE: Hi! - Jules1965 - 01-28-2018

Thanks for the welcomes. Glad to be back. Things have been a bit rough lately. We could use a few friends that are safe.

RE: Hi! - The People - 05-08-2018

you comin bak beka?

RE: Hi! - Shadows - 05-09-2018

hi Jules, it is good to meet you. We are Shadows. We were here about a year ago but then we disappeared; we are trying again to be present. Hope to see you around.