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Dental Work Panic - Shadows - 11-01-2017

Had a crown fall out last night. Dentist can't get us in until tomorrow. We are panicking. The younger ones about having to go to the dentist, me about potential cost and potential issues. What if he can't save my tooth? I don't know what we would do. Finances aren't good enough to deal with implants but the panic over not having a tooth is also more than we can bear.

We haven't been able to eat all day because the panic of even thinking about chewing is too much. Work day isn't even half over. We just can't handle this.

RE: Dental Work Panic - nats - 11-02-2017

so sorry Shadows. dental stuff is all around awful, with compounded fears of pain plus expense. we've never really understood how it's considered a luxury with such limited insurance and low-cost options. wish we could help more, but sitting and listening if you want and wishing the best possible outcome for yous.

RE: Dental Work Panic - Shadows - 11-03-2017

Just an update that everything is mostly okay (as far as the tooth is concerned). Glued back in. Not expensive.

Now just dealing with the aftermath of dental panic. Still can't chew anything, so trying to drink meals instead. Feeling awful as a result of not being able to sleep or eat, but hope that he's better soon. Still so, so much panic from the you get ones inside, too.

Thank you, nats, for your support.

RE: Dental Work Panic - nats - 11-04-2017

glad to hear you got the issue mostly resolved. understand the panic. take it easy on yourselves and well done!

RE: Dental Work Panic - Silent Society - 11-05-2017

Dentist issues are never fun. always have to deal with panic as well when going to the dentist is necessary. Glad that you are on the mend. Hope you feel better and can eat soon.

RE: Dental Work Panic - Shadows - 11-13-2017

Thanks again, everyone. Working on the eating thing. At least we lost that couple pounds that had been hanging on?

RE: Dental Work Panic - nats - 11-16-2017

well there's always a positive!