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GP refuses to help with psychotropic Rx & tests - Cammy - 10-04-2017

I recently saw a psychiatrist who prescribed a psychotropic med. He also gave me a lab requisition and told me to get tested every few weeks. He told me that if I am not in the therapeutic range to keep increasing the meds by 50mg until I am in the range. He also told me that the therapeutic range is clearly written on the lab report.

So, I relayed all this information to my GP so that she could monitor my drug levels and let me know if I'm in the therapeutic range or not. I was shocked when she had a class A hissy fit in front of me saying that it wasn't her responsibility and the whole thing was unacceptable. I pointed out to her that the range was on the results so all she had to do was read the test results and compare it to the chart. Nope. She refused to help me. Can you believe that? So I had to phone the psychiatrist and explain my situation and what happened, asking him to send a letter to my GP. I also told him that this is not the first time she's acted this way with me. So what does the psychiatrist say? He promised he would send her a letter, and he recommended that I find a new doctor ASAP. It was beautiful. This woman has been abusive to me for the past few years and this time my husband was there to witness it. Plus, the psychiatrist thinks I should get away from her. I feel SO validated, finally. The things this woman has put me through is almost unbelievable, and then after she loses it she pretends it never happened. I am SO glad my psychiatrist now understands that she is the one that needs to see him more than I do. Karma, sweet karma.

RE: GP refuses to help with psychotropic Rx & tests - just peachy - 10-04-2017

hi cammy just wondering why is psychdr sending your pcp the results to monitor the blood levels how come he isn't monitoring it ?isn't hat the psychdrs job where I live the psychdr monitored my levels just was curious about this I found this a little odd jp

RE: GP refuses to help with psychotropic Rx & tests - The People - 10-05-2017

I am SO happy that you were validated. I hoe the PDoc can help you find a human doctor.

RE: GP refuses to help with psychotropic Rx & tests - Cammy - 10-06-2017

JP: The psychiatrist is responsible for a very large rural district. His practice is such that he moves from community to community seeing patients only once or twice for medication issues or serious referral needs. It is part of the limits of health care in a rural area.

People: I went to meet with a new GP accepting patients and he said he would love to have me as a patient, but cannot give me many of the meds that I am on because of new rules doled out by the College of Physicians. He actually has to establish "a long term relationship with me" in order to give me the meds I need for my chronic pain issues. So I am stuck with Doczilla. I can't believe that I can't switch doctors unless I am willing to put up with pain and immobility for a year or more until the new doctor gets to know me. I find the entire thing completely ridiculous. They are painting legitimate pain patients into a corner day by day, and they couldn't care less. I am pretty angry at the whole thing because I REALLY liked this new doctor from Africa - a kind, sweet, caring man. I went to that clinic for 30 years and my doctor sold it to this new GP. I thought that since it had my files for the past 30 years that I would be considered a known entity, but I was wrong. The system is choking me and I am quite peeved, to say the least. Now I have an abusive doctor to put up with, but if I want to be able to walk and move and function normally, I have no choice but to go to this witch. I really wish she would see a psychiatrist.