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INtroduction - Astridetal - 09-16-2017

Hi all,
I'm new to this community, at least to the new MM. We were a member, using the name Elfgirl(s), of the old MM site way back in like 2005. I'm curious to know whether there are any who were members back then. I think I recognize some names but not sure it's from here or from another DID forum.

Basic info: Astrid is the host, body age 31 and we live in the Netherlands. I had a formal diagnosis of DID from 2010 till 2013, but then it was changed to BPD. I hope I'm still welcome. I'm pretty sure I have some dissociation, as of course the alters are there, but do agree I'm not fully DID.

RE: INtroduction - Shadows - 09-16-2017

Hi Astridetal. We are new here, just recently diagnosed as DID, but look forward to seeing you all around.

RE: INtroduction - nats - 09-17-2017

hi Astridetal, nice to see someone else from outside N.America (we're in the UK). we started here around 2007, so would have just missed you, but mosaic and the People were probably around then.

of course you're still welcome and hope to see you around the boards.

RE: INtroduction - just peachy - 09-17-2017

hi astridel I am just just peachy welcome to mosaic minds group look forward to seeing you around ..tell us about you so we can help or jump in and answer any ones questions or comments as always nice to hear from many people

RE: INtroduction - IamMeFree - 09-18-2017

Hi - New on here. Diag DID a year ago May 2016. Making good progress I think but looking to see if can get help with living daily life with DID.

RE: INtroduction - The People - 09-19-2017

Astidetal welcome. I do think we remember hat name but not much else. As far as your dx goes we have had others on here without the DID label. So if it helps you to come here I am sure you are welcome (not an admin) Good for both of you here for reaching out.

RE: INtroduction - Astridetal - 09-23-2017

Thanks for the welcomes. I thought I may be welcome here as back when I was a member of the old MM In 2005 or 2006, I didn't have a dx either.

RE: INtroduction - just peachy - 09-26-2017

hi imf , what things are you looking to improve with your daily life with living with did? do you work in a job ?or are you on disability? or are you retired on disability ? my name is just peachy ..I worked in school as a teachers aide for 26 yrs ,then I retired on disability as the job was to triggering for me .as one can imagine it would be ..working with young children in a school setting .my problems basically stemmed from the child alters or the littles as they often are called.. kept coming out and wanting to play with the ..young kids and do the stuff like they were doing coloring puzzles play time recess ...etc and they often would stay out and do stuff like play on the swings with the other young children so for me the host main body personality it was hard to stay as the adult personality host on a daily basis ..especially when it came to the teaching part at times I worked with older kids,like in the 6th grade and was not able to do the work and keep up with the academics because at the time I was like 46 yr old in host body age but depending on the alter that was out often time it was most of the time one of the small children that was acting as the person supposed to be working and getting paid to do a job ..I retired at 46 yrs old and let me say it was one long hellish worst nightmare of my life.. alot of the pain and problems was mostly cuz back then 26 yrs ago I had no idea what it meant to be a person who had did or even that it meant that I was different then normal people .. I was diagnosed back then 28 yrs ago but still didn't know I did things like split into different alters ,talked in different voices as well as acted differently .my dr I worked with 6 yrs ago said in my disability papers that he wrote said he in all the years in working with me in he had never seen anyone make such little to no I find as hear others stories of their life with did I often think there is something wrong with me cuz I try so hard to progress and I accomplish so very little with all the work I put into learning and healing with did thanks jp

RE: INtroduction - The People - 03-11-2019

to bad younot comed bak tnhere