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Obsess with health issues? - The People - 09-15-2017

Does anyone else kow every little lump and bump on their bodies and obsess over all of it?

RE: Obsess with health issues? - nats - 09-16-2017

us no. we have the opposite problem of forgetting from day to day that potentially high risk stuff needs to be sorted. however, we know many who do. it's not abnormal.

RE: Obsess with health issues? - Shadows - 09-16-2017

Sometimes we panic over health stuff that isn't a problem because we have no idea how to rate pain or interpret it. Like today. panicking that we were getting sick because we felt hot and sweaty. Like a fever. Panicked for a few hours. Then checked the thermometer and it was 83 inside. So we were hot, just not from a fever, and once the air conditioner was on we felt fine. I think it is normal to panic when we don't know how to tell what is wrong.

RE: Obsess with health issues? - just peachy - 09-17-2017

hi the people I get that way a lot some of that is ocd stuff like I have as of yesterday keep touching a scab on my head where my hair is in the back of my head ..I have been questioning since yesterday is this bump on my head a bug bite or is it a scab but biggest scare I worry is it lyme disease , should I call the dr about it ... just went 2weeks ago and bump wasn't there .. I am not giving into the urge to gauge it out with my finger the scab till I t bleeds me or some alter that is the one who gets tempted ..I will just monitor it and see what comes of it

RE: Obsess with health issues? - just peachy - 09-17-2017

hi shadows you know whats funny about panicking about being hot and the temperature what you wrote about health issues and it being hot 83 degrees inside ..well when I can remember the name of a really good book I read that these T herapists and psychiatrist wrote together about did I will write the title on this site it was really good book !! he the psych dr said when did patients start to talk very loud and they get very hot that is when they usually split and an alter comes out I found that to be true with me but I also noticed that I have to really pay attention to my behavior to notice when I switch as it is not always easy for me to notice when I switch to a different