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I had a good day today - The People - 08-27-2017

.Endedit with a smile. I was trying to figure out what was making me feel so good and realized that I spent A GOOD PART OF IT OUTSIDE IN THE SUN. wALKING THE DOGS, RAKING P THE ROTTEN APPLES FALLING OFF THE TREE. Chatting with kids in the neighborhood. Watered the gardens!

I did take a nap. Suddenly to these two noses looking at me. Dogs needed another walk!

The most time I spend outside these days is when I am here doing animal care. Between the sun and the pets being better (they were a sick mess) being outside feels so good.

I still got on the computer. And I didn't go back to the apartment to get something I need. But I am on coffee tomorrow so I have to beat church. It is closer to home than this place is anyway.

Oh, and we didn't drink today or eat a lot of food we shouldn't have. One of the teens has been doing too much of both. Not a bottle of wine or a 6 pack but 2 of whatever they choose. Too much as it is several times a week. It is a teen. May be Alice who we discovered recently.
Anyway, it was nice to have a good day just because.

RE: I had a good day today - nats - 08-28-2017

it's definitely nice to have a good day!

RE: I had a good day today - The People - 08-31-2017

Yes it is. Today my mood has slipped and I realized that I miss the walks I get with the dogs. Starting tomorrow I need to start walking. Need to look after myself better.

RE: I had a good day today - nats - 09-01-2017

walking really seems to help. don't know why, and too often don't do it, but when we do, it does.

RE: I had a good day today - The People - 09-03-2017

We walked tonight and it didn't work but we left feeling very sad so it... I dunno.