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Re Family - The People - 07-29-2017


RE: Re Family - nats - 07-29-2017

nice Smile

RE: Re Family - Cammy - 07-29-2017

In my estimation, TRUE family are the people that care for you and are there for you. Biological connections mean nothing when it comes to determining who your TRUE family is. Who needs to put up with mean toxic people just because they are blood related to you? No one, that's who.

RE: Re Family - nats - 07-30-2017

totally agree, tho it seems we still struggle with relationships, whether family or friends.

did some reading on attachment theory (no T for several years now) and despite a number of years of T we still identify with the fearful-avoidant (emphasis on avoidant) attachment style. thought we were doing better, but i guess it's only been 'better' because of avoiding deep or challenging relationships.

RE: Re Family - The People - 07-30-2017

Interesting Nats. I was chatting with my sister the other day. She is older than I am. We spoke of I?E status. I am the family extrovert and she is one of many introverts. I commented on how strange it was that I was the one with no close friends. Her response was that she only had a few but that is normal for introverts. I keep everyone at arm's length and social anxiety prevents me from doing too much mingling.

RE: Re Family - nats - 07-31-2017

we have a number of extroverts too. personally, i think it's much easier to keep people at a distance as extroverts. in all the chatting and activity, nobody notices that you're not forming deep connections with anyone. we've seen this a lot with other extroverts too.

RE: Re Family - dreamers - 07-31-2017

yeah our real family is Daniel's even if he can't legally adopt us. the ones here are just the group I got stuck with because some idiot okayed them to adopt a baby! We think our legal male p*r*nt thought he was buying a ping pong table when he signed the adoption papers. He likely wrote a letter to some poor CEO:

" WHERE the naffing h*ll is that table I ordered 6 months ago...?"

we think that because he had paddles mounted on a rack in the living room!