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Proud - The People - 07-02-2017

to be Canadian

RE: Proud - nats - 07-02-2017


RE: Proud - Cammy - 07-15-2017

I am SO proud that my country's leader is not a serial sex offender, a crooked business man, a racist, a misogynist, and or is named Trump. Happy, happy, happy!!!!!

RE: Proud - nats - 07-16-2017

...or a racist xenophobe who's name rhymes with 'pay'

RE: Proud - Cammy - 07-17-2017

Let's face it people, politicians have only one true agenda and that is to get themselves more money via their political position. Doesn't matter what country we are referring to, the basic motivation to be Herr Leader is all the same - power and money.

RE: Proud - nats - 07-17-2017

to be fair, we should keep in mind that to succeed in politics you do need to have a strong psychopathic streak. Emotionally healthy people just wouldn't bother or would be too 'nice' to climb that slippery slope. in this sense, we as human societies bear considerable responsibility for those we get.

RE: Proud - Cammy - 07-17-2017

Yes, to be fair, definitely psychopathic talents are a must (LOL)

RE: Proud - The People - 07-18-2017

Interesting Nats. I watched a short documentary on psychopaths and one of the jobs listed for them was politicians. I used to be friends with a woman whose husband was a P. Definitely that.

RE: Proud - nats - 07-18-2017

it is interesting. psychopathic traits are very useful for a number of societal roles that require the person to be analytical and dispassionate while valuing power and control (e.g. politics, surgery, CEOs).

RE: Proud - Shadows - 07-23-2017

I'm not proud (to be an American).

I think some politicians like dump want power and money, but we've had others that truly seem like they want change for the better, like Obama. We all miss him terribly.

Also, we are jealous that you are Canadian. You are lucky.

RE: Proud - The People - 07-24-2017

Yes for sure. Not everyone is psychopathic. My friend wanted to be a politician. He was blocked by psychopaths but he is a wonderful man. He would be the type that refuses to take a fallfor people like Trump.