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Who needs friends? - The People - 06-10-2017

So called friends were supposed to come by today. To pick up some stuff but also to help us with the assembly of something we cannot figure out. We suck at that sh*t. Helping her

She texted to say that they didn't come this way but to drop in if we were over that way. It is almost a half hour drive to get there and the only reason we would go would be to go directly there.

So, f*ck them. She said they may come by tomorrow. I hate the word 'may' and I really am not fond of people being in my apartment. A fairy went through last night and sprinkled dust over everything.

One night he was away and she invited me for supper. I waited and waited... finally she got home. She had actually been out shopping with her closest friend here, coworker. Helping her to pick out shoes. She said she felt bad and she thought her friend felt bad too. I said nothing. It is quite obvious that I am less important than this other woman. She is more fun I guess.

RE: Who needs friends? - nats - 06-11-2017

acquaintances like that are why we don't bother with most people.

RE: Who needs friends? - Cammy - 06-11-2017

I would be quite hesitant to use the term 'friend' to describe such a person. Wow ... if I had 'friends' like that I would need a heavy duty supply of anti-depressants to survive the relationship. People who treat others like this are better deleted from ye olde contact list IMO. You most definitely deserve better - most absolutely assuredly deserve better. Sometimes if we have been treated badly in the past, we think that it is okay for others to treat us like this in the present. It's not okay. Perhaps also, when you communicate with this individual, make it clear that you need a firm commitment - either yes or no, not maybe. Even if you have to make it sound like your calendar is busy and you are squeezing them in, they may decide to show up on time. If late ... you've left the building. Their turn to be inconvenienced. They might well learn to show up and do what they've promised, or they'll just wander off into the sunset. I'm not so sure if the latter would be much of a loss (but I do not know all the dynamics of the relationship so my comments may be entirely inappropriate to the situation, in which case I apologize).