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It has begun - The People - 06-06-2017

I have begun the process of declaring Bankruptsy. It is not fun. I could just run away but have no money to get there and would have to live in a mud hut.

I have spoken with a friend I think highly of who has been through this. Different circumstances but it is all the same. Shame. Sad)

RE: It has begun - The People - 06-06-2017

Thank goodness for MM. That I can come here and not have to explain how I got in this mess.People understand.

RE: It has begun - mosaic - 06-06-2017

my 3D daughter and her husband had to go through bankruptcy. right now they and their three kids are living with us.

it's not a pleasant thing, but hopefully it will help you clear things up in the end. it will allow you a fresh start of sorts.

RE: It has begun - Cammy - 06-06-2017

I know that most people who have to resort to bankruptcy arrive there a a last resort. Where we live (you and I), you will have had to undergo a series of counselling sessions in order to fully apprise you of all the ramifications. The counselling will also have explored all other options before the decision to file bankruptcy is made. In view of all these things, you are obviously doing what is absolutely the best thing you can at this time in your given circumstances. Like Mosaic pointed out, it is not a pleasant thing, but it is also a way to clear the decks and get a new start at things. I have nothing but good wishes for you as you enter this process and am sending you waves of support. I am sorry that you have come to this juncture, but now you hopefully can begin anew to rebuild.

RE: It has begun - The People - 06-06-2017

Thanks Mosaic and Cammy. Mosaic your family is lucky to have them welcomed into your home although