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Books are in! - The People - 06-05-2017

We got another story in Chicken Soup and this time it is the 3rd story. Box of books were picked up today. We are very happy. One doesn't get paid a lot but the free books are nice. Most are promised. Anyone who is Canadian, it is the book written for our 150 years. All Canadian stories. Story is under birth name. That name is the one who shall not be mentioned here.

RE: Books are in! - mosaic - 06-06-2017

That is so neat, the people! we are really happy for you and your accomplishment.

RE: Books are in! - Cammy - 06-06-2017

Way to go People! Be proud of your accomplishment. You rock!!!!

RE: Books are in! - nats - 06-09-2017

awesome, congratulations People!!!

RE: Books are in! - The People - 06-09-2017

Thanks folks. People have read it and really enjoyed it!