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RV/Campers - I don't get it. Do you? - Cammy - 05-22-2017

Today is Monday, but it's a long weekend so everyone is out camping. I couldn't believe the number of campers and RVs on the highway on Friday. I've never fully understood the camper thing, but I guess a lot of people like the idea or there wouldn't be so many of them. What I find odd is that people take their camper to a park where they are stacked closer to each other than you are from your next door neightbours in the city. I'm not sure if I would find this relaxing, but then again I am not a very social creature. So, perhaps it's the social aspect that attracts people. I've tried to understand the whole camper/RV thing for years and come up blank every time. If anyone here enjoys this, please edify me. I really want to understand what is so appealing about doing this. I am not being judgmental in any way, I simply have a sincere desire to know why others like the trailer park holiday thing. I'd love to hear your opinions about this, pro or con. I can't get my head around it, so I am missing something here, and would appreciate input from others. Thanks.

RE: RV/Campers - I don't get it. Do you? - nats - 05-23-2017

never spent time in a camper. always liked the idea of taking my house on the road, but would want something much smaller and more manoeuvrable.

never understood the rational behind modern campgrounds where you're all packed together - thought the whole point was experiencing nature without people around but seems to have changed a lot since childhood.

RE: RV/Campers - I don't get it. Do you? - The People - 07-03-2017

I know people who have the whole shebang in their road house. TV, Microwave, big as apartments in places like China and Japan. I don't even like a motel! I would live in a house that big but I would need a parcel of land to go with it.

RE: RV/Campers - I don't get it. Do you? - Cammy - 07-16-2017

People: Ha...that's funny the comment about the parcel of land - because that's what the RV people end up having to rent to park those vehicles on so that they can go camping. The only person I know that actually NEEDED one of these was a welder who worked way up north all the time and would go from job to job in remote locations. This was his home for most of the year, and it made sense to me in that application. He was always guaranteed a place to stay without incurring hotel fees and he didn't have to stay in the "camps" that the companies provided which were rife with all manner of rules and regulations. So, in his case I do get it. I also know people who go south every winter only to stay in what amounts to a massive parking lot with a ton of neighbours all around them. This I don't get. I'd go nuts. You can't even walk out your door without a half dozen people waving hello and wanting to chew the fat. For me, that would be a nightmare. I don't hate people, I just prefer to keep my distance because the running of my social interface requires a lot of energy and they also inevitably always end up hurting my feelings somehow. This is why I live in the middle of nowhere - sheer preservation of my sanity.

RE: RV/Campers - I don't get it. Do you? - just peachy - 07-16-2017

cammy and peoples I don't have to go to that extent of camping .. I will just stay home and get that with just my monthly rent fee ...I live in my apartment alone .my land lord owns the first 3 houses on the block apartment I live in 1st floor 8 apartments in house I live apt has 10 windows in it .so of course my hallway has all 8 mail boxes in it no sooner do I step in hallway to get mail theres always a person getting there or night ...forget opening windows that's not happening that's not an option .. I either will get a heart attack trying to open the windows there so tight to open .or someone from the other7 apartments will literally sticking their head in my window yelling hi how r u ? plus checking out what they can steal ...I found out they had keys to my aptmt.. they r dumb enough inn the chatting small talk to tell me they have keys from the previous tenant .gave it to them my new motto in llife is keep my mouth shut and smile and don't say much...the houses r so close u can hear everything ..

RE: RV/Campers - I don't get it. Do you? - Cammy - 07-17-2017

JP: That sounds awful. I mean you can't even trust anyone around you. My hope for you is that you can find a better situation. A friend of mine who lives on disability because of her anxiety disorder got herself a basement suite in a quadruplex and it turned out okay. She's got windows that are above ground so there is light, two small bedrooms. and a kitchen and living room area. It doesn't cost her very much and she is allowed to have her dog with her. It may not sound like much, but it sounds a lot better than your situation. I would keep searching if I were you because you never know when you may find something better (and safer). You have no privacy, the windows barely work, people are trying to steal things - yes, try to keep looking. I know it sounds impossible but I've found that when I'm determined and don't give up, I can find the most remarkable things. I feel bad for you JP.