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After watching Ellen - The People - 04-29-2017

Yesterday I watched Ellen's 20th anniversary of coming out on her sit com show. It was a big del and many people in the LGTBQ community honoured her for saving their lives. Oprah was there as she was the first person Ellen came out to on a show, playing her therapist. It wrecked her career for a while but she came back stronger.

More than a few times here and there I have stated that coming out multie is harder than coming out gay these days. Perhaps because of her. Yes people hated her for what she did. On the real Oprah show audience members actually wanted to know why she needed to talk about it at all.

People still have problems. There is a girl on The Voice this year whose good Christian pastor father kicked her out when she came out. I don't get that as Christianity is supposed to be about acceptance and forgiveness. Makes me angry no matter what the reason is for non-acceptance. Well unless you are a sociopath.

But if I came out to society as a person with DID... I have done so to some people and they don't get me. They figure I am a threat to society. My family disowns me for telling the truth. If I came out there would be nobody waiting to love me. Because unless you are a cat, dog or small child who walks like a weeble I can only care on the service.

Life sucks.

RE: After watching Ellen - Cammy - 04-29-2017

Society is afraid of things they don't understand. Add to that bad Hollywood stereotypes of people with multiple personalities, and yes, we get a bad reaction when we disclose ourselves. I tell virtually no one that I am a multiple unless they need to know, and even then ....

I am also saddened when so-called Christians treat gays badly, but again, this not true for ALL Christians or all churches. My uncle is an Anglican priest and when his eldest daughter came out he welcomed her with open arms. His opinion is that gay or straight is a big non-issue that people like to get in a knot over, and he wasn't about to perpetuate any kind of prejudice or evil in his family by rejecting his own daughter. His viewpoint is not isolated, but embraced by the Anglican Church in general... they value human relationships above all else. If those relationships involve the same sex, oh well. I know others, however, that have a terrible outlook on gays and use the Bible as the basis of their prejudices. It's sad, really.

When I met my husband, it never dawned on me to mention my DID to him. I just didn't think that it was something important enough to talk about and it never crossed my mind to say anything. When I finally remembered that I had DID and told him, it was a non-issue, as he had already gotten to know and love me. Out in society, I prefer people to get to just know me. When they get to know me well enough and the topic comes up, only then do I consider disclosure. For me it works better this way because they already know I'm not some evil serial killer, so the the news of my multiplicity is not a big deal and they didn't get the opportunity to stereotype me. I would never disclose to someone I just met - I have no moral or legal obligation to do so. Besides, as you already pointed out, it can frighten people since they don't understand. Heck, I'm not sure I understand it after all this time.

It grieves me that your family has turned their back on you. They are in a state of denial and here you are living proof of the truth. It is not you they are rejecting so much as that they don't want to face the reality of the past. I am so sorry that you have to carry this burden.

RE: After watching Ellen - The People - 05-01-2017

Yep it is pretty heavy. As for the Anglican church, when I go that is the one we go to as well. The closest thing we have to a friend there is living with another woman and they have 2 kids. I really like her and live her kids. I am not anti-gay. Just anti-haters and myself.