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Finally! - The People - 04-12-2017

This computer arrived in December which was a dog nd pony show in itself. Since I got it I have had so many problems with it, with the program. Add to that life issues and most of my writing was done on the old computer.

Finally 2 nights ago I sat down to resolve the issue. First person in Chat thought they fixed it. He told me to power down and turn on again and I would be fine.

Was I fine? Of course not. So I went back on again last night. This person was more thorough. They went through and I had 2 programs on here however that happened. So I was to call and talk with someone and they would walk me through it.

Ta Da! I just wrote a poem and sent copies to T and PDoc. It was an analogy I came up with last time I saw T. Finally something accomplished.

RE: Finally! - mosaic - 04-12-2017

cool. i think poetry is such a powerful way to share analogies. hope your computer stays working well.

RE: Finally! - The People - 04-17-2017

Thanks Mosaic. We temd to intertwine it with the story we are writing but yes it mostly gets stuff out.