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My sister is gone. - The People - 03-20-2017

An angel came to get her about 4 hours ago, releasing her from her pain. I am actually relieved although saddened for those who she has left behind. Especially her 2 adult children.

RE: My sister is gone. - mosaic - 03-20-2017

wow that came quickly. yes she is relieved of her pain. i hope you are able to manage whatever other emotions come from this. my thoughts are with you.

RE: My sister is gone. - Shadows - 03-20-2017

The People, I hope that this is okay with you. We think it would be really hard and we are impressed that you seem okay.

RE: My sister is gone. - just peachy - 03-20-2017

the people so sorry for your loss .... i feel your pain ..take good care of yourself and know we are all here to bear your pain and sufferings in support so if you feel the need to talk to someone just start typing were here listening ...warm hugs go out to you ...

RE: My sister is gone. - nats - 03-21-2017

so sorry People. that happened so quickly.
take good care of yourselves and please do come here to talk if you want to.

RE: My sister is gone. - The People - 03-21-2017

It was good that it happened quickly. She was drowning in pain. She had type 1... something and there was absolutely nothing that could stop it. I would rather go quickly.

I had coffee with a friend today. I am so glad that she understood the frustration of losing someone when there are unresolved issues. First my parents and now my sister. The emotional ride is up and down. She was getting her act together and had quit smoking before she was dxd.

RE: My sister is gone. - Cammy - 03-22-2017

People: I am sorry for your loss. That your sister was in such awful pain somewhat makes this a blessing in that her physical suffering is at an end. I can't imagine what she went through if her pain was not well controlled. I hope that she is at peace now, and I hope that you and her other family will find peace after grieving. My husband and I send you and your family our sincere condolences. Even though your sister was very ill and in pain, it still does not make the loss any easier. Please take special care of yourself at this time.

RE: My sister is gone. - The People - 03-26-2017

I only have 1 sister that I am in contact with. She chose not to go either. Finances and other reasons.

I keep remembering when we moved to the town we grew up in. We wandered the streets together. She was tiny and I looked 2 years older than I was. We would have fun together. Then she made a best friend in school and from that point on we went in different directions so much of the time. But I am glad I spoke with her before she left.

RE: My sister is gone. - nats - 03-27-2017

really glad you had a chance to speak with her.

RE: My sister is gone. - Cammy - 03-28-2017

My mom just died last night in my arms as I was moving her to bed. I was SO grateful that she wasn't in hospital or a nursing home when this happened and that I was able to be with her. She had been struggling for years with issues left over from a stroke and she often expressed a wish to die. Painful as these losses are, when they release the person from suffering that is only going to get worse, it is often a blessing.

RE: My sister is gone. - The People - 03-29-2017

Agree Cammy. It was so very fast that it is hard to absorb but it she knew she was at the end and I cannot imagine being in that pain and wanting to hang on.