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i am new here - just peachy - 03-16-2017

hi fellow mm members
I am writing to say hello to everyone and introduce myself to you also to say I'm glad to be here look forward to receiving peace and blessings from all of you here

RE: i am new here - The People - 03-17-2017

Hi Just Peachy. Glad you dropped in. I do hope you keep coming back and become part of the group.

RE: i am new here - just peachy - 03-17-2017

thank you the people I will be around as long as I can muster up the courage to not screw up by pushing a wrong button and end up being somewhere on this site or at least somewhere where the alters don't belong either by accident ... I love that saying you wrote about being a person and time to be a dragon so creative keeps me and my alters chuckling when I see that as well as the metaphors the others use with the usernames keep up the good username s with funny pictures they give me a sense of humor when it is needed

RE: i am new here - Cammy - 03-17-2017

Hello JP (Is it okay if I call you JP?). Welcome to MM - so nice to meet you. Don't you worry about "pushing a wrong button". You will find everyone here very respectful and helpful. The first thing that struck me as different about this site when I first signed up years ago, was how supportive the members were, and also how sensitive to others' feelings. I have found MM to truly be a 'safe' haven from the usual retaliative and ridiculing behaviour and banter that is rife on so many other sites. The atmosphere here tends to lean towards validation, sharing, and empathy. A breath of fresh air for sure. So welcome JP - I look forward to seeing you post on the boards.

RE: i am new here - just peachy - 03-17-2017

hi igraine u can call me j p that's fine thank u f or bringing up that point about how some other websites can be so different and insensitive and definitely retaliative were u referring that to other did groups that u have been a part of and in the group in general or to other forum groups on other topics ... i want to say something 1st to let the moderators and the other members in the group know ....sometimes its always best to clarify if you are not sure what the other person is saying by asking them directly instead of trying to guess or assume something negatively about that person whom u don't know or what they are really saying well as the persons current circumstances...... a really funny weird occurences have preceded me joining the group up until just recently ....i will tell u what i mean in a different post cause I'm not sure if it should be in a different heading since this is welcome wagon i will write it another time since this is lengthy and it says quick reply in the box

RE: i am new here - Cammy - 03-17-2017

Hi again JP. When I was referring to rudeness on websites, I was definitely talking about other sites, not anything on this site at all. I've had a few unpleasant experiences. It seems that when people can hide behind their computer screen they feel free to be openly insulting and such. I have always strived to present the real me whenever I've been on a site. I dislike fakery. Here, we are in a highly specialized group of people who are able to be themselves safely. When we appear here as one of our alters, it is fully understood by this group. As I pointed out, this site is predominantly empathetic and supportive, regardless of what section you post in.

RE: i am new here - just peachy - 03-18-2017

hi igraine I am answering your 2nd post I mean attempting to for the 3rd time answer your 2nd post I am steaming like a teapot that keeps boiling over with boiling water maybe I should be in the steam room with this post I am about to scream very loud only meaning this figureatively not really going to do that I just typed 2 not 1 posts very lengthy ones 1 finger at a time typing took me about 2 hours tops to type .... and then the mouse started rolling really fast after i finished and didn't get to the post reply fast enough while the mouse was moving and 2 times poof before my very baby brown eyes saw my 2 posts gone as they say are history...... so some one any one do u know what i did wrong and where are my poor time consuming posts that i typed thank u for your responses any answers gratefully accepted ...ok igraine i want to say i was not referring to this did website when asking about your unpleasant experience with did websites i was referring to other did sites if u ever joined any other did sites peace and blessings ..... i am wiped out now but will retry typing the original answer i gave 2 times tonight that disappeared before my eyes i will end with saying i did not hit the delete or escape button...

RE: i am new here - nats - 03-27-2017

hi JP, if you keep losing posts, it might be safer to type them first as a Microsoft Word document then cut/paste them onto the forum (or are you working from your phone?). if the latter, there's probably not much you can do except write really short posts unfortunately! good luck.

RE: i am new here - esignature90 - 03-28-2017

Thanks good topic .