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Hi, I am new here - dragonfly143 - 03-16-2017

Heart I am new here. Just checking in to see how it goes.

RE: Hi, I am new here - mosaic - 03-16-2017

welcome to mosaic minds. we hope you feel free to post around the place. it's a good place for finding support and understanding.

RE: Hi, I am new here - just peachy - 03-16-2017

hi dragonfly143 I'm new here also nice to meet you nice to meet everyone as well hope you find lots of healing here ...I know I will

RE: Hi, I am new here - The People - 03-17-2017

Draginfly a good name of have there. I am two of thempeopples AN WE LOVTHEM DRAGINFLIES sorry to yel. hited rong buton. but the nothr day we woch animal show an dragonflies there wat lok difert from wat I see here at Canada.

RE: Hi, I am new here - Cammy - 03-17-2017

Hello dragonfly! So nice to meet you. Welcome to the MM community.

RE: Hi, I am new here - just peachy - 03-18-2017

greetings to you dragonfly glad you came to join this lovely group of people ....along with me included in this group .... my name is just peachy