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Any of you take MBTI tests? - clickclick4 - 03-14-2017

Hello! I was wondering if alters typically had MBTI personality types that wildly varied from each other. We've taken it a few times, but it's usually the same alter taking it, so we get the same result.

I'd guess that a lot of us would have different MBTI results, just because of the differences in values and whatnot.

I'm just unsure how different the results would be. Have any of you already tried this?

RE: Any of you take MBTI tests? - The People - 03-15-2017

Do you mean Myers Briggs types? We have taken a couple of different types.. Mostly they are the same. The E and I flip back and forth depending on what is happening in my life. And the fact that not working changed my life a lot.

RE: Any of you take MBTI tests? - Cammy - 03-15-2017

I have taken the MMPI test (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory). It is a test to try and find out the personality type of an individual, meaning a monomind. All those with D.I.D. who take this test always come out with inconclusive results. The test asks the same questions throughout in different ways. This is supposed to glean out deceit. But taking the test as a multiple, each question, even though it is SIMILAR to previous questions, triggers a different member from the different alters, thereby spoiling the results and making them inconclusive. My T said that in a way it was a roundabout method for detecting possible DID.

There are many dissociative tests out there, including ones that attempt to measure the degree of dissociation, as it does exist on a sliding scale like other mental health issues. I'd ask your T if it is possible for you to take one of these and see what the results are. I did, and the results confirmed what the T was already telling me, except now it was on paper.

RE: Any of you take MBTI tests? - The People - 03-16-2017

I remember a T from way back when. She gave me a test that measured quality of life. There were 5 areas, persona, financial, family... forget the other 2. Maybe social. I failed in all 5 areas. It was supposed to give the T an idea of where to start. We never did get started before she left town.

RE: Any of you take MBTI tests? - nats - 03-21-2017

trouble is, no matter what the experts say, it's too easy to decide ahead of time which personality type you want to come out with and answer the questions accordingly. or maybe that's just us..?

RE: Any of you take MBTI tests? - dreamers - 03-21-2017

we had to take mmpi for getting into a school which our issues are no schools business. So we figured out how to lie on it and look like we weren't. I will gladly share in pm if anyone is facing something similar. just remember it's made by people and people who don't know you. it doesn't know what day of the week it is our what color shirt you have on much less anything else.