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Welcome to the Real World! - Cammy - 03-11-2017

I got a set of those virtual reality head set things and WOW . . . so far today I've been on a roller coaster, sky diving, scuba diving on a beautiful reef with tons of salt water fish, and watched the Earth from outer space. I had NO idea. I now can go on vacation and never leave the farm - LOL. These things are astounding, although we have to be careful not to get motion sick with some of the experiences. They were on sale for super cheap, so I thought, why not try it. I am SO glad I did. For me, it is a safe way to experience things I'm not keen to do myself, like scaling a mountain face. I love this device! Anyone else here ever tried these things? What do you thing about them?

RE: Welcome to the Real World! - Blackrainbow - 03-14-2017

is it like the samsung virtual headset

RE: Welcome to the Real World! - Cammy - 03-15-2017

Yep, mine is very similar, just a different make. I was in the cockpit of a billion dollar jet fighter this morning, and wow, was it ever neat. I turn my head and see everything including the rest of the squadron flying with us.I look down at the controls, and out the bow window at the breathtaking flight through mountain ranges and clouds. When the pilot rolls the plane, it is SO cool. I really love these things.

RE: Welcome to the Real World! - dreamers - 05-06-2017

is it one your phone goes in? we have one like that just felt like looking at a smart phone way to close. we love sims but they have to move otherwise we get bored. we ( our body and host has aspergers and we constantly look for motion stim. glad you had a better experience than we did.