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Family Day in Alberta! - The People - 02-20-2017

Today is a holiday for people who work. Americans have Presidents Day which just means everyone who sells beds has a sale from what I have seen on TV. MD will just be glad to have an extra day off.

In Canada different provinces have different days, some are working. In Alberta a wise Premier decided that winter was too long and people needed a break. So we got Family Day.

I wish I could ignore it. I think it is harder this year because I am aware of my aging and my recent connection with my family that was so short lived. So, Happy Pet Day everyone!

RE: Family Day in Alberta! - Shadows - 02-20-2017

The People, you are totally right that we have mattress sales in the US. But not everyone has the day off, mostly just schools and other governmental businesses.

I had today off too. But I agree that sometimes it is harder to have a day off than not - there was too much space inside for the insiders to get noisy.

RE: Family Day in Alberta! - mosaic - 02-21-2017

too bad they couldn't have come up with some other name for the day. having had that brief and unsatisfactory connection with your family really would make it harder.

hoping you can find some way to get through the day and find something good to do for yourself.

RE: Family Day in Alberta! - Cammy - 02-21-2017

I remember when the then Premier decided to call this Family Day. It was at the same time his son was in court fighting cocaine charges. Why he decided to make this 'family' day is beyond me. I still think that "Winter Break Day" would make more sense considering that so many people have no real families or are in super dysfunctional families. The thought was nice, but not well thought out. For many, it is just a reminder of either a mess in their lives or something that is missing in their lives. I guess that's why I like generic harmless names for things like "Winter Break" or "Mid-Winter Breather".