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TV documentary says I'm an alien - Cammy - 02-15-2017

I was watching this show on the possibility of alien genetic manipulation of the human genome many millennia ago. The scientists doing this study have postulated that people with RH negative (15% of the human population) could very well be alien hybrid humans. Are they kidding? They probably got a nice fat grant to do the research too. I shake my head on this one, sorry, but I can't believe the stuff that they come up with nowadays. Having RH negative blood myself I don't think that I am overly different from other humans - well, except for the DID and a few other psychological hiccups. So now we have a running joke around the house - any time either of us do anything right or wrong, we are blaming it on our alien genes, as we are both RH negative. What will they think of next? All I can say is that if this is true, I want to go home now, please? I am tired of playing with my human friends and need to return to my planet of origin ASAP (LOL). Beam me up Scottie.

RE: TV documentary says I'm an alien - VioletPeach - 02-18-2017

My T is on forums and in touch with lots of other therapists and one specifically in Texas. This particular one in Texas has two major groups of patients: one that think their DID is due to alien abduction and one that doesn't. Those two groups have to be separate and cannot have therapy together...ever! They are completely adamant and passionate about it!

I think I might have read some articles about this topic you are referring to...aliens and the Rh negative factor. I don't quite know what to think about it. Maybe the "aliens" were the Nephilim. There is much about the world we don't know.


RE: TV documentary says I'm an alien - The People - 02-18-2017

People are always searching for reasons that will explain "WHY?" Sometimes the answer is one like a Mom gives a 3 year old "because!"

I did have a psychiatrist call me a phenomenon once. He was a psychiatrist who was of absolutely no use to me. After I fired him for his absenteeism I asked if he even believed in DID. He was honest and replied "no, but I am familiar with the phenomenon. So that became a running joke between myself and friends who knew about us.

RE: TV documentary says I'm an alien - nats - 02-19-2017

well, almost all of us here are called a 'disorder' by the mental health community, unless you happen to have one of those systems where the 'original host'/'birth personality' still fronts on a regular basis. it's somewhat annoying to be referred to as a disorder rather than as a person.

RE: TV documentary says I'm an alien - Cammy - 02-19-2017

nats - there have been times when people have called me names where I think the word 'disorder' wouldn't have seemed so bad by comparison - if you know what I mean (LOL). I think that Multiple Community Coping Strategy or Multiple Identity Coping Ability might be more accurate for myself. I like to think about this as an Ability rather than a Disorder. If anything, this is what has brought order to my life, not disorder. The mental health community has a LONG way to go as far as DID goes - in terms of everything: research, understanding, recognition, and so on and on it goes.

RE: TV documentary says I'm an alien - nats - 02-20-2017

agreed Igraine - 'coping strategy' seems much more accurate than 'disorder'!

RE: TV documentary says I'm an alien - nats - 02-20-2017

we could be MIPS - multiple identity coping strategy

(sounds better than DIPS - dissociative identity coping strategy!)

RE: TV documentary says I'm an alien - The People - 02-20-2017

I just call myself a multiple, a term I picked up here. I have to explain it but I would also have to explain DID or MPD for those who have a need to know.

RE: TV documentary says I'm an alien - nats - 02-21-2017

yes, we stick with multiple, or 'dissociative' on the rare occasions we've said anything out loud.

RE: TV documentary says I'm an alien - dreamers - 03-11-2017

IFdid is caused by aliens doesn't that imply that our foo are aliens(we know they caused it) not us because if that's the implication it's a useful theory..explains a ton...

RE: TV documentary says I'm an alien - Cammy - 03-11-2017

It certain explains my hair cut . . . LOL.