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Lost a whole day - The People - 02-02-2017

I don't know if I have ever done that before. I thought it was Tuesday until I turned on the TV and NCIS wasn't on. I think I slept through a whole day. Have not done that since a crazy pdoc gave me too many drugs..

RE: Lost a whole day - mosaic - 02-02-2017

wow that sounds very unsettling. i hope you are able to get back a sense of equilibrium.

we watch NCIS too.

RE: Lost a whole day - Cammy - 02-02-2017

People: I know how disorienting this sort of thing can be. Worse yet when it occurs not because of medication, but because of an amnesia barrier. Obviously whatever meds you are taking are knocking the crap out of you. If you've just started them, then perhaps it will take a little time to adjust and they won't have such a sedating effect after a while. If this gets too severe, you can always re-address the issue with your doctor. In any case, I know how I personally hate it when I lose time (days, weeks, or months) out of my life. I've had incidences where during the lost time I've made some bizarre purchases that do not suit my taste (or gender) at all, and I know how freaked out I felt. I hope that your situation improves and you can get yourself grounded. As always, we are here to support and help. You are such a blessing to us all here with your posts and support.

My warmest wishes for your well being,


RE: Lost a whole day - The People - 02-03-2017

Thanks Mosaic. Igraine thanks for your concern but I am quite sure that the time loss was because of the news I received re my sister. She has lung cancer. I spoke to my other sister last night. They have hope but based on what my friend told me recovery is a rarity. I have been very overwhelmed. This was the first contact I have had with them in over 20 years and this is how it starts.

RE: Lost a whole day - The People - 02-03-2017

I don't even know which day I lost. I never left the apartment except for getting a few groceries on... Monday?

RE: Lost a whole day - Cammy - 02-03-2017

People - I am so sorry that you are so stressed and overwhelmed right now. This level of stress tends to cause my DID to ramp up, and it seems to be the case for many of us here. I've had a similar episode recently. This must be SO awful for you to have all this happen. It is awful having to face this issue in someone you know. I've been through it three times through the years for this specific type of CA. I hope that you are able to find some equilibrium in all of this, although it is likely to be hard to do considering the circumstances. Please take special care of yourselves. I am here to support you in any way I can.

RE: Lost a whole day - The People - 02-06-2017

Thanks Igraine. Things have settled down just today. I have a lot to speak with T about this week.