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Mystery Poo - Cammy - 02-01-2017

Dogs are SO funny at times. Right now I have two: a Scottie and a Schnauzer. The other morning I came into the living room and found someone had pooed on the linoleum. It was a cold stormy night and they were likely afraid to use the dog door. Wanting to find out the culprit I stood tall, put my hands on my hips and loudly asked, "Alright, WHO did this?" Then I pointed at the mess. Well, the Schnauzer kind of lazily lifted his head as if to say, "I'm cool - nothing to hide here", but the Scottie had a totally different reaction. She slowly, like an arthritic cripple, rose out of her dog bed, tail tucked between her legs, and nearly crawled on her tummy under the kitchen table, and then under a kitchen chair for double protection. Then she started nervously licking her saliva. No need to use a lie detector test on these characters, as they give themselves up so easily. It is SO hard not to laugh at such times. The intense GUILT that the dog has is amazing, and they sure know they've done something wrong - no doubt about it. Animals are SO funny. I don't know what I'd do without their antics to entertain me, but I can do without the poo for sure. (LOL)

RE: Mystery Poo - VioletPeach - 02-03-2017


RE: Mystery Poo - The People - 02-06-2017

Smile Cats would just shrug and go back to sleep! Guilty or not!

RE: Mystery Poo - Cammy - 02-06-2017

Haha... yep . . . cats just are the top of the food chain according to them, so no guilt with them. So funny!