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An interesting conversation - The People - 01-10-2017

In the 80s I joined a group called ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) It was my first support group. I didn't talk much except when a teen would cross talk. I went on from there to SA groups.

They were a part of my growth. Problems developed but in the beginning it was so good to hear people talk about my feelings in their brains.

Today I had coffee with one of the women from the group. I hadn't seen her in over a decade. We talked about various things that led to growth or held us back. We also talked about the good that came out of the group.

As we were getting ready to leave she said something interesting. "We were the first." She went on to talk about how our group and others like it were the first to bring the reality out of the shadows. It was the first time we had thought about it in that way. The forerunner to MM was started in that era. It too was a first and is still unique.

We are heroes.

RE: An interesting conversation - Cammy - 01-10-2017

This makes you a trail blazer People - someone who did something first before anyone else had tried it before. When you think about all the good that has come from those who first had the courage to participate in these groups by allowing themselves to share the pain with others, you need to feel proud of yourself. You are a hero!

RE: An interesting conversation - The People - 01-23-2017

Well I wouldn't say hero Igraine but thanks. It all happened so fast that I did the typical jumping before looking thing. However, for a long time it was a better anchor than therapy.