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Perception - The People - 01-09-2017

Has anybody watched this show? We are watching a rerun marathon on Crave TV. It is interesting. The guy has Schizophrenia. He is a university professor and helps the FBI solve issues. Far fetched? People who have hallucinations often have a seed of reality in there.

It was also interesting to compare and contrast DID and this illness. I think the biggest part is that they lose reality and their hallucinations are external. Our worlds are based on reality and they are internal.

Daniel is a professor and teaches about the parts of the brain, how they impact our lives. Neuropsychology. I never took the courses as I would never remember the Latin words. However it is very interesting.

He talked about the parts of the brain and how they impact things like feelings of joy, fear etc. He just finished saying that we do have control over feel good or feeling bad. To some degree many of us disagree with this. However, I find that if I so as little as walking down the block or writing a poem I feel better. I call it changing the channel. I am not talking about down the Rabbit hole dark depression. Just happy and sad.

RE: Perception - Cammy - 01-10-2017

I recently read that the Hippocampus (looks like a seahorse) part of the brain is responsible for our ability to feel good or feel happy. Trauma destroys this part of the brain. For a long time, scientists were convinced that the brain could not be repaired, but surprisingly, people who do mindful meditation have been found to have hippocampuses that actually are able to repair themselves and even grow. This is a glimmer of hope for those who suffer from continual depression - it is actually possible to physically repair the part of the brain responsible for happiness. That is SO cool! Once I learned this fact, I bought a little pink stuffy seahorse that I keep beside my bed. Every time I look at it, it reminds me that there is still reason to hope for happiness, calmness, and relief from relentless anxiety. I find it comforting to know that I have the power to fix at least this part of my messed up head.

RE: Perception - The People - 01-11-2017

Interesting Igraine. You bring such useful information to the forum and I always look forward to what you have to add. I must look for a Seahorse.

RE: Perception - Cammy - 01-14-2017

Thanks People - that's a lovely and kind thing to say. I really wish that I could own an aquarium with a real sea horse - how cool would that be? But, these creatures are SO delicate and I'd be devastated if the little thing died on me, so no real sea horse for this girl. I'll just have to settle for my little pink stuffy.

RE: Perception - VioletPeach - 01-15-2017

I really like these thoughts. I, too, am fascinated by rebuilding pathways in the brain. I first began thinking about this to help with chronic pain, but now, as a way to help DID issues...quite intriguing!

RE: Perception - Cammy - 01-15-2017

Hi Violet - The mindful meditation addresses mostly the PTSD stuff, which you must admit can be a big component of the DID. They tried this on Vietnam vets decades after their trauma and it worked! So time passed is not a factor in the effectiveness of this technique. I find this fact very hopeful.

RE: Perception - nats - 01-19-2017

totally agreeing with People. Igraine, you bring a lot of interesting ideas here and i really like reading your posts.

RE: Perception - VioletPeach - 02-04-2017


I'd like to read about how it works and the specifics of the research. Do you know where those resources can be found?


RE: Perception - Cammy - 02-17-2017

Hi Violet, the book is called "Calming the Anxious Mind", if you go to a major outlet like Indigo or Amazon, you should be able to find it. It is written by an M.D. and the book itself lists some really good resources and studies. Sorry it took so long to answer.

RE: Perception - VioletPeach - 02-17-2017

Thank you Igraine :-)

RE: Perception - The People - 02-18-2017

Must look for that.... um... when my bookshelf makes room.