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It was just a week ago - The People - 11-17-2016

when I brought home my beautiful black kitty. Tomorrow I take her to the vet. She has the most horrid breath and has liquid bowel movements. I can smell sickness through her fur. She is very thin although that in itself is not out of the ordinary.

I don't believe in using extreme measures to keep a poor pet alive who has no understanding of what is happening. There is no quality of life. I looked it up and it points to organ failure. Doesn't mean I am right but... something is wrong. I have never known a wee kitty to have such rancid breath.

She is here on my heart now, her most favourite place to be. At night I have to use a red bathrobe that was a gift many years ago to cover my feet as she attacks through the throw. She still plays but not even as much as when I brought her home.

RE: It was just a week ago - mosaic - 11-17-2016

oh this sounds awful! we so hope it is something that is easily remedied... losing her so soon would be terrible.

RE: It was just a week ago - Cammy - 11-18-2016

I hope that this is something super simple like a bad case of worms. I hope that your Kitty is going to be okay. I just lost one of my beloved pets at a young age through kidney failure, and I can tell you that there were absolutely no symptoms until she finally collapsed. So I'm thinking that your kitty has something else going on. It may even be as simple as a food allergy. I'll keep you both in my thoughts.