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triggered by election - dreamers - 11-09-2016

anyone else have a system of littles scared that trump will start ww3? my stystem is in panicked choas fear of something like day of the triffids but worse.

RE: triggered by election - nats - 11-09-2016

was thinking more the walking dead, but we get your point. hopefully, his advisors will keep him on a short leash.

RE: triggered by election - dreamers - 11-09-2016

if you are chr or j*w*sh i recommend the book of daniel we just finished listening to the message version on youtube and for now it seems to have calmed things.

RE: triggered by election - The People - 11-09-2016

We think he will be ousted before the end of his first term.

RE: triggered by election - dreamers - 11-10-2016

we are hoping he takes a page from Pres Harrision
Lizzy with dreamers

RE: triggered by election - Cammy - 11-16-2016

In reality, the machinery of government is so gigantic and difficult to move that any President finds out very quickly that you don't just snap your finger and have things happen. Plus, living in a fishbowl in this manner is not easy. Remember - the House and the Senate are not employees and they can't be fired. Many of them also oppose Mr. Trump, so I don't think there's going to be any WWIII. Mr. Trump has already realized that some of his 'promises' were impossible and outlandish, and he has already back-pedaled and softened his stance. Truly, the machinery of government will slow him down and he will likely end up toeing the line like everyone before him. It's just the way it is in government... the higher you are, the less power you actually have . . . unless you can convince the House and Senate that what you want is the right thing to vote for. This all may end up being a big non-event. Let's hope so.

RE: triggered by election - dreamers - 05-10-2017

any president has 3 scary direct access points:
1. the button ( we think)
2. can deploy usmc before congress decides on a matter. Ok officially only for 24 hours but in many cases the flight to wherever would be longer than that. That is why the Marines are known for being 1st in last out.
3 executive orders
if he wants to start the endgame item one would be enough. with any of those 3 no vote is needed as far as I know
Lizzy Inner Marine age range 10-14

RE: triggered by election - Cammy - 05-12-2017

I sincerely feel that Trump is being watched very, very closely. I also feel that his heart is not in this as much as he thought it would be - he is genuinely not enjoying being president the way he thought he would. I think Mr. Trump thought that running a country would be the same as running his own company. Now that he has found out how truly difficult it is to have his will become reality, he it's starting to waiver a bit. I also feel that he will end up in a place where impeachment will become something that may well happen to him, and secretly, I think he'll be more relieved than anyone else when it happens. My comments are not based solely on fact, but on instinct and on the observations of those who work closely with him. Even this week in the news as North Korea begins to threaten nuclear war, the idea of impeachment is moving from people's private thoughts and finding its way into print more and more. So, anything is possible. The bottom line from my personal point of view is that there is absolutely nothing I can do to change the course of events, other than by prayer. It is a very disturbing situation and all any of us little people can do is hope for the best outcome. I have faith in the checks and balances that constitute a democratic government, and if a leader makes a decision that will result in unnecessary destruction or war, I trust that the mechanics of government are sufficient to prevent such insanity from getting out of hand. Please note, I am speaking of democratic countries, not countries ruled by despots. Sometimes all one can do is hope.

RE: triggered by election - dreamers - 05-12-2017

We ( the Dreamer's inner Marines not the system as a whole) are doing small things like signing petitions etc to promote the idea that leaders need to be held accountable. The host knows we are doing it and likes it, but it would too triggering for her.
Ashton, the inner Marine who is stuck out for the moment
age 16

RE: triggered by election - Cammy - 05-15-2017

Dreamers: Good for you. You are 110% right on about leaders needing to be transparent and accountable. Without transparency, all manner of terrible things are possible. So glad that your inner marine is able to perform this function for you and deal with it so that your host is not triggered. There are a lot of us upset at all that is occurring right now and feel so helpless. At least signing a petition makes us feel just a little bit like we are fighting back. Much admiration for you.