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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend - The People - 10-09-2016

To all of the Canadians wandering about, Here in my city it looks more like Christmas with our first snow of the winter coming a bit early. However, that is Alberta for you!

My hosts are serving ham which I don't like. The cook (wife) will feel guilt but I cannot eat it just to keep her feelings from being hurt. They like cooked ham. I don't and such is life. They are also making a pumpkin dessert which I hate as well. I am glad they are doing their thing for the holiday and not catering to me.

RE: Happy Thanksgiving Weekend - nats - 10-11-2016

happy belated thanksgiving People! how do you like to celebrate it when you have your choice?

RE: Happy Thanksgiving Weekend - The People - 10-13-2016

I prefer to do nothing but as I am staying with friends we had a nice meal and I walked their dogs.