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Struggling so much. - The People - 09-04-2016

Just want to say goodbye to this world and be gone. But I cannot. Because there are a precious few people that I can count on one hand who would be upset if I went away after they tried to help me. So I am stuck here in this misery. With nobody to help me finish packing in an apartment that causes my asthma to flair if I stay there for more than an hour. I realized that I am drinking too much (2 a day but every day) but it is all I have to look forward to. But I have to give that up too as 2 becomes 3 etc.

RE: Struggling so much. - nats - 09-05-2016

so sorry People! wish we were closer to help you move.
what helps us in really difficult times is to just focus on putting one foot in front of the other till we've moved enough to get through.. it's not great but it's something in a good direction.

RE: Struggling so much. - dreamers - 09-09-2016

we nos da feeling we wanna go be wif owr grandma but we beleef iffin we made it happen we wuld end up in da rong place an not wif her but yeah we gets feelon stucked

RE: Struggling so much. - The People - 09-11-2016

We have moved in with our friends. On the last day we fell and pulled a hamstring slightly. We saw a doctor and we bruise easily because of the celiac disease. We go to physio on Wednesday. Have been overdoing it.

Awake early today due to a nightmare about bugs.

Our T keeps telling us we are handling it well. We also addressed some past mistakes that put us here. This time last year we were in a hotel because there was mould in our old place. As well, the girl's father who was living upstairs scared us.