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Where is everybody? - The People - 08-27-2016

Weekends have always been quiet around here but I hate coming and finding that not one person has said hello Sad

RE: Where is everybody? - nats - 08-28-2016

seems totally dead doesn't it. like one of those stories where you're the last one standing... Sad

RE: Where is everybody? - The People - 08-31-2016

Exactly! Busy time of year for a lot of people though. Change of seasons, people taking in the end of summer. Me. I am getting ready to move.

RE: Where is everybody? - nats - 09-01-2016

did you find a good place?

RE: Where is everybody? - The People - 09-04-2016

Haven't looked yet. Will stay with friends for a bit until I figure out what I am doing. I was already here when they found the bugs. Lucky that way. I don't have a lot of stuff and they have a fair bit of space.

RE: Where is everybody? - nats - 09-04-2016

good luck with the transition!

RE: Where is everybody? - Irenes - 09-06-2016

We've been checking occasionally but not posting. Glad you said something. Smile

We had a topology event this week and had to explain our life to a past self who is confused but happy about it. Or, well, she's a new assemblage of fragments with some memories from a particular point in the past, anyway. So we've been processing that.

Good luck with your move, People! (Is that a way that you like to be addressed?)

RE: Where is everybody? - The People - 09-11-2016

people or the people works. Some post under their own names. What is a topology?

RE: Where is everybody? - VioletPeach - 01-15-2017

I will say hello

RE: Where is everybody? - Cammy - 01-15-2017

We're still here. It seems like the time around the holidays pulls everyone into a busy-ness that makes things like posting go on the back burner. Hopefully with the holidays over, things will pick up a bit.

RE: Where is everybody? - The People - 01-18-2017

Yes it always happens. Sad really because it is a time when chatting etc. might b helpful but we do understand.

RE: Where is everybody? - VioletPeach - 02-03-2017

I forgot to make sure post notices are sent to my email! So sorry, I definitely want to post and chat!


RE: Where is everybody? - Cammy - 02-06-2017

I love your posting picture Violet - where did you get it - did you paint this yourself? It is very lovely.

RE: Where is everybody? - nats - 02-06-2017

yes! great new avatar Violet Smile

RE: Where is everybody? - Cammy - 02-14-2017

Hey People: I know that you posted this in 2016, but I was just about to post the same question. Where is everybody? We ARE indeed a super elusive bunch. It feels weird that only a few of us are always posting. I keep wondering if others are just reading and not posting, or are just absent right now. I check this site at least a few times a week only to see my name everywhere. It's not that I am a narcissist and love to see my name in print, but that so few are posting. This site is so valuable for those of us who have DID. Where else can we be understood? I really wish there were more people posting. It feels so lonely this way. Maybe we need to change the name of the site to D.I.D. Support Group or something so that search engines find it, but I suppose that it is already cross referenced. So quiet here like a ghost town. Eerie.