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So exhausted. - The People - 08-16-2016

I am dog sitting which is a lot more work in summer. I am volunteering at the Fringe. Today I see PDoc and then take a senior to do an errand. She has no family who can do it.

But I am ready to drop. Flowers need watering. Dog needs brushing. Dishes need washing... Where is my inhaler?

Last night people were talking on the train and they were loud plus speaking another language which triggers me. (not a prejudice - a trigger) I fell, injured my arm so I had to come home, walk the dogs and the drive down to the emergency centre to have it tended to. Took a bit of work. No stitches.

I need to recognize that I don't work for a reason. Working these hours for now pay is still work. Well the people I am house sitting for pay me but they really under pay. And on Saturday I have to drive to the airport and pick up their son who is coming here for 1 WHOLE night to see the dogs. He starts university this year. He will have skis with him. My little car. The airport is at the other end of the city. I am way north and it is way south.