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More crappy people - The People - 08-03-2016

About a month ago or less we went to the dentist for a check up. We went in expecting to see the woman who was our dentist the last 2 times we went. Instead there was a young man who looked to be fresh out of school. We didn't ask question. Perhaps we should have done but always feel like we have no rights in this area. The guy worked on the back tooth. He put a bridge in to get at it. It took so long we thought it was permanent. And of course that cost us extra money.

A few weeks ago we started feeling floaters in our mouth. We assumed that the filling was coming out. We had to go back today and were really REALLY worked up about it. We do worse with dentists than most people for reasons we won't get in to.

There was an extra half med today. Got there and there was no missing filling. There was a sharp edge that he smoothed out. Turned out that the bridge was supposed to be removed but he forgot. Needless to say he will not be working on the filling that I need.

RE: More crappy people - mosaic - 08-04-2016

that really stinks. so sorry you had such a rotten experience with that dentist. hope you can find someone to work on your filling