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feel hopeless - The People - 07-20-2016

Today the woman who is looking at our story for Chicken Soup talked a little about the writing world. She left us feeling with very little hope re getting our book published. While it has helped us a lot it feels very sad that it is almost hopeless to even continue. I feel very sad.

I will leave this world with nothing to show for it. (yes I am safe). A few friends who have family and children and grandkids. People who have jobs that allowed them to build a life. I have done nothing, leave nothing. Everything that I could have had was taken away by family, doctors and others.

RE: feel hopeless - nats - 07-23-2016

the writing world can be bitter and competitive as any other, but don't let that stop you. you are writing to add something to the world, not to try and have a publishing career (though the second might be nice also). therefore, the most important thing is to keep going till you are satisfied. i know you probably wouldn't want to, but if at worst you have to go to a vanity press, at least it will be out there.