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such mixed feelings - The People - 05-05-2016

I have been in British Columbia since Sunday. I leave tomorrow night. Go back home to where my city will most likely be smoky. Because I am due south of one of the biggest fires Canada has seen in years. The entire town is evacuated. Friends homes are destroyed My old homes are destroyed. I often say of late that I was raised in NS but grew up there. Only positive is everyone got out alive and the whole country is coming together to figure out how to help.

If you are SP please say a prayer for these people. In two subdivisions 80% is gone. I lived happily in one for 3 1/2 years. I visited it last summer as my good, kind friend still lived there. My friend and her husband who both have health issues spent last night sleeping in their car.

Pray that Alberta has weeks of rain. We have had 2 very dry winters and I said a few times that it would be a bad fire season. Turns out it is also a sad one.

RE: such mixed feelings - nats - 05-05-2016

been seeing this on the news. didn't realise you were so close. so glad you weren't hurt.