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On anxiety - The People - 04-16-2016

This site is for professionals. Found it on FB. Mindfulness is something I am trying to start working on. I did the recommended exercise although I certainly didn't have to go looking for it - suggestion in article. The theory at the end is interesting. Not sure if I have heard it previously but fist time it registered.

RE: On anxiety - nats - 04-17-2016

think they're absolutely right that fear/anxiety aren't the problem. it's what we do with them that matters.

RE: On anxiety - The People - 04-17-2016

Mine makes me so angry I want to throw things. Then tell myself I will have to clean it up - well someone mentions that. So the most I throw is a plastic water bottle. But I really don't take enough time to do the breathing and other thins I have been taught.