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New therapist! - FreyasSpirit - 04-13-2016

A friend referred us to the therapist they have been seeing for over a year. The first appointment got delayed by a month because she was sick then we had to travel for work, but we finally got to see her yesterday and it is incredibly promising. She works using a therapy called the Developmental Needs Meeting System (DNMS). It describes intentionally subdividing the mind into adult and child parts so the adult parts can help the child parts heal.

The first session was incredible. While reading our system summary, she read about how we realized we didn't have an elf, and an hour later Faelyn appeared and commented on it. We told her at this point, we can basically create new headmates almost instantly and her response was "that's very useful". Despite us saying we were there to process childhood trauma, almost none of the first session was spent collecting our history. Instead, the time was spent with her describing DNMS and doing system mapping. It is incredibly refreshing to see a therapist take the view that the structure of our system is more important to our healing than the exact nature of our childhood abuse. We are incredibly excited about this and think it is amazing that there is a type of therapy which is based on doing what we have already done so far.

RE: New therapist! - nats - 04-14-2016

fantastic news!